Business valuation is a complex, thorough process requiring both broad and deep knowledge of accounting, finance, economics and business, expert application of recognized valuation methodologies, and diligent adherence to professional standards. When selecting a valuation service, choose high expertise, experience, and excellence. ValuationUSA embodies all three. We serve primarily closely-held businesses and their owners and professionals. Our experience covers most industries and all types of ownership interests, including voting and non-voting, preferred stock, debt instruments, and controlling and non-controlling.

Business valuation requires an understanding of business opportunities, risks, and management abilities. We have unique expertise in identifying business strategic and operational risks and assessing their impact on value. Most business valuation experts rely on their professional training and experience in serving the private sector from the outside. In addition to these qualifications, we have years of practical experience working inside the private sector, managing, buying, and selling businesses. Our business valuation credentialed expertise and real world business experience enable high value results.

If you are like most owners of a privately held business, your investment in your business represents your most valuable asset and a significant part of your personal wealth. Successfully managing and nurturing the value of your business secures your family’s future well-being. To that end, business owners use our results in many ways:

  • Supporting and optimizing business and ownership transactions
  • Knowing and monitoring what the business is worth to you and others
  • Aligning the business to key valuation enhancement drivers
  • Identifying strategic risk factors and other business weaknesses to enhance business value and wealth protection
  • Measuring personal goodwill and establishing plan to convert to transferable business value
  • Identifying and addressing opportunities to enhance the business marketability
  • Realizing the potential of mergers and acquisitions
  • Affirming or adjusting business strategic direction
  • Measuring the change in business value, the paramount business performance measure
  • Identifying performance opportunities through comparison of subject business to typical high performing business characteristics
  • Establishing clear and accurate value measurement for personal financial and estate planning and business strategic and succession planning
  • Protecting future value today by tax optimizing business structure