Expert ValuationUSA Witness -

Dispute and expert witness services generally involve the application of specialized knowledge and investigative skills to collect, analyze, and evaluate evidential matter and to interpret and communicate findings in the boardroom, court room or other legal or administrative venue.

Critical expert skills applied:

  • Effective oral and writing communication
  • Complex information synthesis and simplified presentation
  • Strategic and big picture integration
  • Investigative ability and intuition
  • Financial statement and financial information analysis and interpretation
  • Expert independent reporting
  • Testifying

Our team of experts demonstrate considerable expertise in forensic accounting through their knowledge, skills, and experience including:

  • Case analysis
  • Claim preparation
  • Damage studies and calculations
  • Discovery assistance
  • Expert witness
  • Financial and damage studies and analysis
  • Independent opinions
  • Investigations
  • Opposing expert report critique
  • Quantification of exposure
  • Settlement tactics and strategy assistance
  • Valuations

Litigation case types:

  • Arbitration
  • Breach of contract / warranty
  • Business interruption
  • Business / commercial damage claims
  • Class action settlement valuation
  • Condemnation / eminent domain
  • Construction claims
  • Dissenting owner
  • Divorce Financial Analyses and Consulting
  • Divorce Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) Services
  • Divorce Financial Mediation Services
  • Estate dispute
  • Fiduciary duty
  • Franchise termination or changes
  • Lost business value
  • Lost intangible asset value
  • Lost profits
  • Mediation
  • Ownership disputes
  • Post-acquisition disputes