ValuationUSA - Income Tax

We understand the importance of issuing effective and persuasive reports that answers questions upfront, and thus reduce the probability of expensive, prolonged, broad scoped Internal Revenue Service audits. Our background and experience in tax planning, practicing before the IRS, and business valuation makes us uniquely qualified to produce optimum results for our clients.

We monitor new court cases, revenue procedures and tax laws and attend seminars, summits and conventions to ensure we have the knowledge to apply the most appropriate valuation techniques to your situation.

We are qualified and have experience with most income tax engagements including:

  • Business Acquisition Purchase Price Allocations
  • Built-in Gains
  • Charitable Gift Valuations
  • Discounts and Premiums (Lack of Marketability, Lack of Control, Undivided Interest. etc.)
  • Ownership Transaction Valuations
  • “S” Corporation Conversions